GO ergy Services

Energy Auditing and Review

We carry out energy audits across all sectors; industrial, commercial and institutional facilities. Learn More

Solar Photovoltaic Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study for a solar system that would provide clean, reliable, cost effective and quiet electricity for the customer. Learn More

Backup Power Solutions.

We believe every home, and business have the right to clean, cheap and sustainable energy. We design, install and maintain custom. Learn More

Design of Integrated Energy Systems

We will combine the individual electricity, heat and mobility energy sectors and thus ensures efficient use of renewable energy, as one of. Learn More

Automated self-sustain solar panel cleaning systems

We work closely with leading technologies providers across UK and Europe to develop automated self-sustain, low energy cleaning system to enable continuous... Learn More

Renewable Energy Finance Scheme

Africa is gifted with huge renewable energy potentials however, there are currently not being tapped mainly due to the high initial capital costs and government policies. Lack of stable electricity has forced many enterprises. Learn More